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A Mindful Observation

A Mindful Observation This exercise calls for nothing but a leaf and your attention. Pick up a leaf, hold it in your hand, and give it your full attention for five minutes. Notice the colours, the shape, the texture, and the patterns - this can help to bring you into the present and to align your thoughts with what’s [...]

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Working From Home

Working From Home It is a new thing, working from home, for a lot of us including the staff at Lindengate. We have been finding some aspects challenging however there have been ways to make it easier.  It may help to treat your working day like any other, by getting up at a time that allows you to complete [...]

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Sleeping Getting to sleep is something that many find difficult both initially getting to sleep and if woken throughout the night. It is something that can have a significant impact on our wellbeing as sleep allows our bodies to repair themselves and our brains to consolidate our memories and process information. One way which has been proven to help [...]



Stargazing One thing in this time of change that has stayed the same are the stars. Stargazing is an easy activity that can be done both in and outdoors by looking up or out of your window. You can simply take in the view or try and learn the different constellations you can see. Why not download an app [...]


Apps and Podcasts

Apps and Podcasts The NHS has developed a positive thinking app for adults called 'Feeling Good: positive mindset'. There are also podcasts which offer advice on wellbeing such as 'Happy Place', 'The Mindful Kind', 'Liz's Wellbeing Journey' and many more. These can be available to you wherever and whenever, as you can download them onto your phone or tablet [...]

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Bringing Nature Indoors

Bringing Nature Indoors Nature doesn't only have to be enjoyed when you are outside; you can also bring it inside with you by reading a poem/story.  You can search online or in books you may have or why not write your own?   You could start off simply by taking photos when you are out, or finding some on the [...]

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Daily Wellbeing at Home

Daily Wellbeing at Home With our daily and weekly routines no longer being possible, we are all having to adapt to new ones. However, it is important to try to keep going with some activities that help you feel OK. Being in a simple routine can give you a sense of achievement, as well as keeping you feeling grounded [...]

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Noticing the Bird Sounds

Noticing the Bird Sounds Whether inside or outdoors, pausing and noticing the bird song around you is a peaceful and calming activity. You can even download a 'Bird Calls' app to help you identify what birds you can hear. Alternatively why not tune in to Bird Song Radio or search on YouTube for ‘bird song’ and have a listen [...]

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