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Pressing Flowers and Leaves

Pressing Flowers and Leaves Picked at their peak and then preserved, beautiful pressed flowers and leaves have many decorating and craft uses. INTRODUCTION Use them to embellish cards and stationery, arrange them on paper for a lovely wall decoration, or sandwich them between glass panes to make coasters with a botanical touch. There are a variety of plant presses [...]

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Seeds and Trees

Seeds and Trees Seed saving Seed saving (Seedcollecting) (bulb information) (tree id chart) (take notice on a walk)

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Board Games and Card Games

Board Games and Card Games These are a good way of keeping ourselves mentally active. Though some may be aimed more at children there are also games out there for adults. With most of us having at least a pack of cards within the home you can play these with others in your household or you can play online [...]

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Watching Nature on TV

Watching Nature on TV Why not bring nature to you by watching one of the many varieties of nature programs on offer? You can look at BBC Science and Nature for many different options or search your usual streaming service for 'nature'. Follow Lindengate on Facebook for regular updates about Lindengate@Home!

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Stargazing One thing in this time of change that has stayed the same are the stars. Stargazing is an easy activity that can be done both in and outdoors by looking up or out of your window. You can simply take in the view or try and learn the different constellations you can see. Why not download an app [...]


Apps and Podcasts

Apps and Podcasts The NHS has developed a positive thinking app for adults called 'Feeling Good: positive mindset'. There are also podcasts which offer advice on wellbeing such as 'Happy Place', 'The Mindful Kind', 'Liz's Wellbeing Journey' and many more. These can be available to you wherever and whenever, as you can download them onto your phone or tablet [...]

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Making Meals

Making Meals This is something that most of us have to do every day, whether it is preparing a whole meal from scratch or just heating something up. Why not try cooking something different or learning a new skill if you have never really cooked before, as having a healthy diet is shown to improve our wellbeing. Here are [...]

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Bringing Nature Indoors

Bringing Nature Indoors Nature doesn't only have to be enjoyed when you are outside; you can also bring it inside with you by reading a poem/story.  You can search online or in books you may have or why not write your own?   You could start off simply by taking photos when you are out, or finding some on the [...]

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Exploring Plants and Nature

Exploring Plants and Nature There are plenty of activities using plants and nature; you could create a small bit of Lindengate in your own home, either indoors or outside if you have space. Our aim over the coming weeks is to show you some that you can join in with. Why not start by growing your own tomato plant? [...]

Exploring Plants and Nature2020-09-30T15:17:16+01:00
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