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Tree of the Week – Amelanchier

Snowy mespilus or June Berry (Amelanchier) Amelanchier lamarckii  tree is known for its stunning Spring blooms and lovely Autumn colour. These are small deciduous trees or shrubs with showy white flowers in early Spring, red to purple fruits and often good autumn colour. A small tree of open habit, with bronze-tinged young leaves turning orange and red in autumn. White [...]

Tree of the Week – Amelanchier2021-04-13T13:19:47+01:00

Wildflower of the Week – Red Dead Nettle

Red Dead Nettle - Lamium purpureum does not sting.  It displays dense clusters of pinky-red flowers in whorls around its stem and can be found on disturbed ground, in our gravel paths and flower beds.   Red dead-nettle is a common plant that likes ot grow anywhere the grown has been disturbed or cultivated.  It grows to 30cm tall and doesnt' [...]

Wildflower of the Week – Red Dead Nettle2021-04-07T16:33:51+01:00

Tree of the Week – Blackthorn

Blackthorn (Sloe) - Prunus spinosa - early to blossom, blackthorn trees have clouds of snow-white flowers in early Spring.  They're best known for their rich, inky, dark fruits.     Spiny and densely branched, mature trees can grow to a height of around 6-7m and live for up to 100 years.  The dark brown bark is smooth. The leaves are slightly wrinkled, [...]

Tree of the Week – Blackthorn2021-04-07T17:06:35+01:00

Easter Pancake Bunnies

Why not get together with the kids and let their creativity take over this Easter and create some healthy Easter Bunny pancakes.

Easter Pancake Bunnies2021-03-23T13:10:41+00:00

Try Something New – Wild Garlic

Have you ever tried wild garlic? Often found in ancient and mature woodland, wild garlic can be hard to miss. You might notice the smell first and then, perhaps among the bluebells, you might see a carpet of broad leaved plants on the forest floor. The leaves are best picked when young and fresh (before it flowers) and are perfect [...]

Try Something New – Wild Garlic2021-03-23T13:06:42+00:00

Making Eco-Friendly Plant Pots

Biodegradable plant pots made from old newspaper are a cheap and enjoyable way to make plant pots to start off your spring seedlings. You could even make some to give to a friend. You can find a clear, step by step guide on how to make these over at BBC Gardeners World - Making Paper Plant Pots [...]

Making Eco-Friendly Plant Pots2021-03-04T14:43:59+00:00

Grow Your Own Veg

We may all find it hard to get outside when the weather has been grey and damp. You can still boost your wellbeing and keeplearning by doing small gardening activities inside - check out THRIVE for simple activities. In late Winter and early Spring, you could try growing sweet peas and broad beans in toilet rolls - their step [...]

Grow Your Own Veg2021-02-18T11:25:57+00:00


At this time of year we get mixed weather but often the skies are clear at night. The stars and the moon and sometimes some of the planets can be seen in the night sky if no clouds are obscuring them. Have you ever thought of having a look to see what you can see on one of these [...]


Micro Gardening

Micro Gardening You might have heard the term micro gardening and wondered what it is? Well here’s your chance to find out. Micro gardening involves planting seeds that will be harvested when they are still young. The seeds are germinated and harvested when the first leaves have grown. They are packed with flavour and can be used in salads, [...]

Micro Gardening2020-11-26T16:37:30+00:00

Basic Willow Wreath

Basic Willow Wreath Click on the button underneath the image to find out how to make a basic Willow wreath. WREATH MAKING INSTRUCTIONS

Basic Willow Wreath2020-11-12T21:56:28+00:00
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