Lavendar Bags

Lavendar Bags This time of year if you have any lavender in your garden it can be cut back. Cut at the base of each stem. The flowers can be taken off the stems and used to make a lavender bag or put in an open dish to scent the room.. This could be given as a present to [...]

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Pressing Flowers and Leaves

Pressing Flowers and Leaves Picked at their peak and then preserved, beautiful pressed flowers and leaves have many decorating and craft uses. INTRODUCTION Use them to embellish cards and stationery, arrange them on paper for a lovely wall decoration, or sandwich them between glass panes to make coasters with a botanical touch. There are a variety of plant presses [...]

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Shop local

Shop Local Many of our local shops and businesses are still open, with some now offering delivery services for people in isolation. They are in need of your business more than ever right now, so if you are able to use them, you will both be helping each other out. Here are some links to get you started: [...]

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Smile Smiling is proven to lift your mood. So, smile to everyone you see whether you're walking, driving or even just putting your bins out. You may be the only person that they see today so spread some joy with a smile! Follow Lindengate on Facebook for regular updates about Lindengate@Home!


Making Meals

Making Meals This is something that most of us have to do every day, whether it is preparing a whole meal from scratch or just heating something up. Why not try cooking something different or learning a new skill if you have never really cooked before, as having a healthy diet is shown to improve our wellbeing. Here are [...]

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Be Neighbourly

Be Neighbourly Being in isolation can be stressful if you normally rely on others for resources or have no family and friends. Why not reach out to your neighbours offering some support? This could be offering to get them some shopping when you go to the shops or providing your phone number so they could call to have a [...]

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