Board Games and Card Games

Board Games and Card Games These are a good way of keeping ourselves mentally active. Though some may be aimed more at children there are also games out there for adults. With most of us having at least a pack of cards within the home you can play these with others in your household [...]

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Disconnect from Social Media

Disconnect from Social Media Most of our lives involve a large amount of technology to keep us occupied. By contrast, activities at Lindengate aim to have a purely natural feel. Technology has allowed us to connect in lots of ways with people who we are not able to see face to face; however, it [...]

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Reconnect It’s easy to get bored when you are unable to do your normal activities as well as lonely if you are unable to take part in your normal socialisation. If you are beginning to feel this way or think others you know might be, why not send a message or call a friend [...]

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