Wellbeing at Home during Lockdown

Follow a routine If you’re put into a stricter lockdown, it’s important to create a routine to give your day structure. Try to get up and go to bed at the same time every day, aiming for seven to nine hours of sleep per night. If you’re working from home, make sure you schedule in lunch breaks, and time [...]

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At this time of year we get mixed weather but often the skies are clear at night. The stars and the moon and sometimes some of the planets can be seen in the night sky if no clouds are obscuring them. Have you ever thought of having a look to see what you can see on one of these [...]


Thinking Ahead to Your Spring Time Garden

Thinking Ahead to your Spring Time Garden Now is the time of year to be thinking about how you want your garden to look like in the Spring. There are ideas about seeds, trees, shrubs on gardening websites and in magazines and books. There are a lot of local allotment and gardening groups with websites. For example the Aylesbury [...]

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Lavendar Bags

Lavendar Bags This time of year if you have any lavender in your garden it can be cut back. Cut at the base of each stem. The flowers can be taken off the stems and used to make a lavender bag or put in an open dish to scent the room.. This could be given as a present to [...]

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Take The Help Offered

Take the Help Offered Whilst we are locking ourselves away from others, remember it doesn’t mean that you are alone. When others offer to help with something you are unable to due to restrictions, take it. When they ask what they can do, tell them. Evidence shows that by them helping you it is actually beneficial for their own [...]

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Board Games and Card Games

Board Games and Card Games These are a good way of keeping ourselves mentally active. Though some may be aimed more at children there are also games out there for adults. With most of us having at least a pack of cards within the home you can play these with others in your household or you can play online [...]

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Disconnect from Social Media

Disconnect from Social Media Most of our lives involve a large amount of technology to keep us occupied. By contrast, activities at Lindengate aim to have a purely natural feel. Technology has allowed us to connect in lots of ways with people who we are not able to see face to face; however, it can hinder the connection we [...]

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Reconnect It’s easy to get bored when you are unable to do your normal activities as well as lonely if you are unable to take part in your normal socialisation. If you are beginning to feel this way or think others you know might be, why not send a message or call a friend who you have not spoken [...]

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