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The Big Butterfly Count

The Big Butterfly Count A great way to #takenotice of the environment around us is to join in with Butterfly Conservations’s Big Butterfly Count. The simple Butterfly ID Chartcan be downloaded from You can enjoy the activity any time at home and you can even submit your findings on the link above any [...]

The Big Butterfly Count2020-07-30T15:18:05+00:00

Mindful Photography

Mindful Photography You could try the free 7-day Mindful Photography Programme at An excellent way to get outside - the programme shows us how the camera can help us to become more aware of the present moment. It involves experiencing the process of creating photographs in a non-judgmental, compassionate way. [...]

Mindful Photography2020-07-30T15:15:29+00:00

Rainbow Walk

Rainbow Walk Head outside and simply start walking while looking for something in each colour of the rainbow. You will begin to tune into your surroundings and start noticing things that you would usually have just walked right by. Pay attention to all the beauty around you and once you have found something in [...]

Rainbow Walk2020-06-24T22:30:22+00:00

A Mindful Observation

A Mindful Observation This exercise calls for nothing but a leaf and your attention. Pick up a leaf, hold it in your hand, and give it your full attention for five minutes. Notice the colours, the shape, the texture, and the patterns - this can help to bring you into the present and to [...]

A Mindful Observation2020-06-24T22:25:53+00:00


Exercise Now we are able to go outside to open spaces more freely why not spend some time exercising in a way that suits you. Physical activity releases brain chemicals such as endorphins, which help to relieve discomfort and boost our mood. Exercise helps regulate our mood and by taking our exercise outside it [...]


Take The Help Offered

Take the Help OfferedWhilst we are locking ourselves away from others, remember it doesn’t mean that you are alone. When others offer to help with something you are unable to due to restrictions, take it. When they ask what they can do, tell them. Evidence shows that by them helping you it is actually beneficial [...]

Take The Help Offered2020-05-26T08:28:45+00:00

Board Games and Card Games

Board Games and Card Games These are a good way of keeping ourselves mentally active. Though some may be aimed more at children there are also games out there for adults. With most of us having at least a pack of cards within the home you can play these with others in your household [...]

Board Games and Card Games2020-05-13T21:58:51+00:00

Shop local

Shop Local Many of our local shops and businesses are still open, with some now offering delivery services for people in isolation. They are in need of your business more than ever right now, so if you are able to use them, you will both be helping each other out. Here are some links [...]

Shop local2020-05-13T21:54:07+00:00

Working From Home

Working From Home It is a new thing, working from home, for a lot of us including the staff at Lindengate. We have been finding some aspects challenging however there have been ways to make it easier.  It may help to treat your working day like any other, by getting up at a time [...]

Working From Home2020-05-13T21:43:39+00:00


Sleeping Getting to sleep is something that many find difficult both initially getting to sleep and if woken throughout the night. It is something that can have a significant impact on our wellbeing as sleep allows our bodies to repair themselves and our brains to consolidate our memories and process information. One way which [...]

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